Painting Services: Furniture

We offer painting services for two different scenarios:

The first and most common is a customer owns a piece of furniture, or sees one that they love, but the color doesn't fit their interior, or it's simply not the color he/she desires! In this instance, we will help guide you through the selection of paint color and type of wax to make your piece the perfect fit for your home. In addition, while we paint your piece, each one is reviewed and should it need any minor repairs, we will happily perform them. Drawers and insides of cabinet spaces are also cleaned.

Sound like you? Here's what to do next!

Just email one pic of the piece you'd like painted to and we will promptly reply with a quote. A four week timeframe is provided to transform your furniture and in most cases, completed well before the four weeks. Pick up and delivery service is also available for an additional cost.

The second scenario is a piece of furniture that you see in The Madison Stock Exchange, that you'd like to have painted and refinished. Often times we have already painted pieces, but we also carry wood furniture that is in its natural state, and we're able to customize this piece. The timing and price will be determined on a case by case basis.